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Mesa Christmas








Raspberry Pi B, running Falcon Pi Player






Light O Rama Showtime






10 Light O Rama 16 Channel Controllers, 160 channels

2 San Devices E682 control boards running 800 and 840 pixels each, 2811 pixel protocol.

Alpha Pix controller running 840 pixels, 2811 pixel protocol

Falcon 16v2 controller running 2560 pixel matrix, 4 pixel arches

664 C9 bulbs outline the house, using outputs from the E682 and Falcon boards





400 watt QSC amplifier, Kenwood speakers





Whole House low power FM transmitter, on 107.5 FM.





70 inch Sony rear projection HD TV




1.     20 white mini trees, home made, out of tomato cages, each with 300 mini lights, total 6,000 lights.

2.     8 10 foot high trees, home made, out of electrical conduit, tripod design, 4 colors, 300 mini lights of each color, total of 1200 lights each tree. Total 9,600 lights.

3.     Mega tree, home made, my own design, made out of steel conduit, 19 feet high, spiral light placement. 8 red, 8 green, 8 white, and 8 blue channels, one channel for star and one channel for 10 mini strobes. 150 lights per red, green, white and blue channels, total 4800 lights

4.     House star, Holdman star design, wire frame by 3G Lighting, 132 pixels

5.     House lights. Cosmic Color Bulbs and white LED icicle lights. Placed on house cables, main roof and porch roof.

6.     House tree, 10 feet, 1,100 white mini lights

7.     8 candy canes

8.     10 DMX controlled color spot lights 6 watts of LEDs in each spotlight.

9.     4 leaping arches, PVC pipe wrapped with minilights, each arch with 8 channels, 100 lights per channel, total of 3,200 lights in the 4 arches.

10.15 foot high pixel tree on the porch roof, 16 strands of 50 pixel lights plus pixel star, for a total of 840 pixels, San Device E682 control board, streaming DMX over Ethernet.

11. 15 foot high pixel tree between house and garage, 16 strands of 50 pixel lights plus pixel star, for a total of 840 pixels, AlphaPix controller, streaming DMX over Ethernet

12.Five feet by 6 feet pixel grid, 32 x 25 pixels, for total of 800 pixels , San Device E682 control board, streaming DMX over Ethernet.

13. Matrix 40x64, 3 inch spacing, 10x16 feet, 2,560 pixels, using a Falcon 16v2 board



Total lights over 30,000

Total pixels 5700