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How Does It Work


I use a combination of Show Time and xLights software to create the lighting effects that are synchronized to the music for our show. Sequencing is done on an HP PC notebook computer.   xLights software creates a playback only file that I upload to a Raspberry Pi single board computer running the Falcon Pi Player software.  HDMI video from the Pi Player connects to the TV,  stereo audio jack connects to low power FM transmitter and the stereo amplifier and speakers.  Streaming DMX over Ethernet  (E1.31) connects to a wireless router and each pixel board connects via Cat5 cable to the router.  The Raspberry Pi and the 4 pixel controllers each have a static address on the network.  The Falcon Pi player is controlled by a web browser interface page that can be accessed wirelessly from a cell phone.   The 10 Light O Rama 16 channel controllers are running in DMX mode with standard DMX (E1.11) signal from a bridge output on the Falcon 16v2 board.  Each 3-4 minute song takes about 30-40 hours of programming to create the sequence.